When your wireless mouse lacks zap

When the batteries of my wireless mouse gave up, I tried seeing if rechargable batteries would work. I put them in, and the red light produced by the laser was visible. But it wasn’t talking with my computer. I tried re-connecting many times, under both Windows and Linux, but it didn’t work.

The next day, I noticed that the light from the laser wasn’t working any more, and therefore the rechargeable batteries had been drained. If the batteries could only last a day, they mustn’t be suitable for mice. So I put some standard batteries into the mice, and both the laser and the communication with the computer worked.

It isn’t always a software problem – sometimes it’s a lot simpler!


One Response to “When your wireless mouse lacks zap”

  1. anon Says:

    The rechargeable probably didn’t work because they had a lower voltage (1.2V?) that a non-rechargeable battery which is almost always 1.5V

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